For over thirty years Forsythe Fence Co LLP has built the best wood fence in the industry.  Thirty years ago, the traditional dog eared privacy fence was the wood fence of choice. These days wood fence designs go well beyond the typical dog eared board fence. From adding cap and trim to the wood fence for aesthetics, to building wood fence in between 6” x 6” wood posts, or the most popular horizontal fences seen throughout the metro area, Forsythe Fence is the industry leader in wood fence construction. If you are looking for the best built wood gates in the industry, it’s a no brainer as to who you should call when you are ready for a new wood fence. “When you want your wood fence done right..... call Forsythe!”


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Since 1980:  

Our family name, locally owned Our quality construction and our red signs are probably on your block.  They are sprinkled all around our unique city.


Our Services:

Forsythe Fence installs custom fences, gate operators and access control.

We have the processes and experience to get your project complete.


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